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Natural Building Course

MAY 14-18, 2018 A small tour about our time together…

Warmly welcome everyone willing to discover new places, make new friends and gain some new experiences in natural building!
All we plan to do is the top importance support for a local community of Krunai which assigned their activities to the public needs for Education and Realisation The Life in Peace with Nature. As the part of this philosophy community is brand new nevertherless exists here since 2008.
Krunai is ecovillage whith 10 families living whole year over here and 10 more coming there for a warm period only.
Krunai is located in a significant place in the Republic of Lithuania – 7 km away from of oldest capital city of the Land – Kernavė.

Kernavė was a medieval capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and today is a tourist attraction and an archeological site (population 272, 2011).
The area of Kernavė was sparingly inhabited at the end of the Paleolithic era, with the number of settlements significantly increasing in the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras.
The town was first mentioned in 1279, when, as the capital of the Grand Duke Traidenis, it was besieged by the Teutonic Knights. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernav%C4%97

In Krunai ecovillage we plan to have 3 activities in 3 seperate groups:

  • Preparing the walls for putting the clay on – fixing the base materials to the house frame. Putting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers of the clay on the inside walls of the building known as Home for Souls (www.souls.lt) – building assigned for people willing to come to escape from the city and discover some fresh true quality time with their own Soul in the spaces of countryside nature…  – teacher Sarunas Kondratas
  • Building the wooden frame of summerhouse. Possible affect of the big storm in an open space for unfinished wooden frame. Ways of support the frame against the storm. Both theoretical and practical part are led by Mantas Sleziavicius.
  • Doing wooden furniture for the sauna and old style lithuanian house given out for use for Krunai community as the start to establish local kindergaden and have space for local meetings. This space is a huge Gift of one international couple of lithuanian girl and italian guy still living in Italy. And this is the space you, our guests, will stay during this course of Natural Building – teacher Darius Herkus Venckus www.miskeauges.lt/meistryst278.html

Sarunas Kondratas has his Master in Pedagogics and spend 10 years of his life as a physical education teacher in secondary school. Last 3 years he‘s been working in a local company of strawball houses‘ constuction KRUNA (www.kruna.lt). Since 2009 together with his wife he is an owner of self- healing studio SOULS.

Mantas Sleziavicius has his Master in Construction Engineering. Used to work in KRUNA. Recently works as Chief Manager in a field of Gas Systems. Mantas is the father of 4 children and the Head of community Krunai.

Darius Venckus – 6 years ago he finished the house and fully equiped it with hand made solid wood furniture. That was a moment Darius Herkus joyfully discovered his profession – now he is a professional carpenter, working with the solid wood solely. Precision and love for his work, theoretical knowledge and daily practise as well as huge range of tools leads to fulfillment of the own and clients‘ dreams.

Arrival time: May 12 or 13, 2018. Departure time: May 19, 2018

Accomodation location – ecovillage Krunai, community house. It is possible to bring and build the tent if there is the prefference – in the neighbourhood of the house.
The living/dining room, rest area, shower and toilet, sauna, pond … everything in one yard. Dish washing station is being fixed outside the house.
Fridge, plates, cups, cutlery, herbal teas will be in the rest corner.

What to bring? Sleeping bag, comfi apparel, shoes and gloves, dishes for meal.

Transportation or/and guidance to the place will be arranged a. s. a we hear about travelling means.

Prospective Day Schedule

8.00 Breakfast
10.00 Introductions, theory, workshop
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Theory, workshop
17.00 Dinner
18.00 Rest/social time/ tour to Kernave or some other interesting locations

* Water, tea and light snacks will be available between breakfast, lunch and dinner – please help yourself before stomach is upset.

Looking forward to meet every of You in person and share the stories of this beautiful Life!

Vismantas Satkauskas, Lietuvos Ekobendruomenių asociacija
Giedrė ir Šarūnas Kondratai, Asociacija Krunai

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